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Dental Implants
How can I replace a missing tooth?

Dental implants are dentistry’s gold standard for replacing missing teeth, and at Cornelius Dentistry, we’re proud to offer comprehensive implant dentistry. This means that you can complete every aspect of your implant at our office – including the surgical placement of your implant, which is a procedure that many other dentists refer their patients out for.

Dental Implants

Here’s how an implant works: First, we’ll place a titanium post into your jawbone that will take the place of your root. Titanium is biocompatible, so it will integrate naturally with your bone during a 3 to 5 month healing period and create a firm foundation for your new tooth.

Next, once your implant is ready, we’ll customize a high-quality porcelain crown that will complement your smile while providing all the function you were used to with your natural tooth. You’ll find that you’re eating, chewing, talking, and smiling with confidence and ease again. You’ll also be able to brush and floss as you were used to, so your implant is easy to care for.

How Implants Work With Dentures

Dental implants are ideal for supporting dental prosthetics such as a bridge or full denture, allowing us to replace multiple missing teeth. In fact, dental implants offer denture wearers a more secure and stable fit than traditional dentures since there’s no movement or slippage when you talk or eat.

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