Maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile and confident use of one’s teeth is important to all dental patients, including those with dentures.

Every one of our patients is important to us. This is why we provide personalized denture services. We create individualized dentures that are comfortable to wear, and look truly natural.

Two Types of Dentures

  • Dentures are removable, replacement teeth that have the look of real teeth.
  • Dentures come in two basic types: full and partial.

Full dentures are given to patients to replace all their natural teeth. These are measured and place after the teeth have been removed and gums have healed.  This healing process can take many months.  Immediate full dentures are placed right after the teeth have been removed and will require frequent adjustments during the first few months.

Partial dentures are used to fill in spaces where several teeth have been removed.  These are connected to your natural teeth for anchoring and support.  Partial dentures serve the same function as a bridge, but are removable.

Are Dentures Right for Me?

This question can only be answered on an individual basis. Dentures are not right for everyone. Schedule an appointment and our team will be happy to answer all your questions and help you decide if dentures are the right choice for you.

How to Care for Your Dentures

Just like your natural teeth, dentures require daily care and maintenance to stay clean and free of bacteria.  Here are some tips for denture care:

  1. When you handle your dentures, stand over a sink full of water or a soft, folded towel.  If you drop them they are less likely to break.
  2. Dentures can gather bacteria, and build up plaque and tartar.  Brush them with a soft-bristled brush every day, being careful to get them fully clean while not breaking or bending the appliance.
  3. Rinse your dentures after each meal.
  4. It’s best to use a gentle cleanser specifically made for dentures.  Most mouthwashes and toothpastes are too harsh.  Find out from the dentist or dental hygienist the best product or products to use to clean your dentures.
  5. Dentures need to be kept moist.  Dry dentures can lose their shape or even crack or break.  When not in your mouth, place your dentures in a denture cleaning solution.
  6. Be sure to clean your tongue and gums every day.
  7. If your dentures do break, contact us to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.  Broken dentures can cause problems and irritation to your gums and mouth.
  8. And… don’t forget your regular checkups.

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Cornelius Dentistry utilizes state-of-the-art technology designed to make your visit more comfortable, effective, and efficient. We also use only premium materials and work with the area’s best laboratories in the area to ensure that you receive dental restorations that are reliable, durable, and esthetically pleasing.

Meet Dr. Jose Aunon

Dr. Aunon had owned a private dentistry practice in Centreville Virginia for 25+, but after numerous heart to heart discussions, in December 2020 he sold his dental practice. He and he and his family decided to start a new chapter of their lives and relocated to Cornelius, North Carolina. Shortly thereafter, he purchased the Cornelius Dentistry office and became a member of the Mecklenberg dental community.

Meet Dr. Logan

After years of hard work and preparation, Dr. Logan Aunon joined the practice equipped with a solid foundation in dentistry, earned through his exceptional performance at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine


Professional and Caring

“We moved to Cornelius a little over a year ago. We selected Cornelius Dentistry because we live close to it. We love them. They are not only professional but very caring. They explain everything they are going to do and also recommend things you can do to help maintain healthy gums and teeth. I am so glad we found them. Healthy teeth helps maintain a healthy heart.”

-Richard Douglass

Frequently Asked Questions

General Dentistry
Are dental x-rays safe? Do I really need them?

X-rays are a critical tool that Dr. Woodruff uses to determine if there are any concerns in your mouth internally. They’re important because they can help her detect issues such as tooth decay, infections, and gum disease in their earliest stages, which allows you to treat these concerns early with less invasive treatment procedures – before they hurt. We recommend that x-rays be taken at least once per year to monitor your oral health.

Our Promise To You

At Cornelius Dentistry, we’ve chosen to use digital x-rays because these are much safer for both our patients and the environment. Digital imaging emits 90% less radiation than x-rays used in the past, and they don’t require harsh chemicals for developing, making them less harmful to the environment.

Digital x-rays are also readily available for review so Dr. Woodruff can discuss your treatment needs with you right away. They offer a clearer image for a more accurate diagnosis. They’re also easy to share with other providers you’re working with, if necessary.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

We use digital x-rays to provide you with a more pleasant and comfortable experience, while also giving you an accurate and timely treatment diagnosis so you can make educated decisions about the dental procedures that are right for your needs.

How often shoud I see the dentist?

At Cornelius Dentistry, we believe that consistent preventative care is truly the key to achieving and maintaining optimum oral health. For most patients, we recommend a cleaning and checkup every six months. Patients who are managing gum disease may need additional cleanings throughout the year to keep their condition at bay.

Make Sure To See Your Dentist

Regular checkups are important because we’ll screen you for concerns such as tooth decay, cavities, oral cancer, and periodontal (gum) disease. These issues are best treated in their earliest stages, which allows you the opportunity for a more successful recovery with less invasive treatment procedures.

Professional cleanings are important to eliminate the plaque buildup that contributes to issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Our hygienist will also teach you about the importance of your oral health and proper brushing and flossing techniques you can use at home to make the most of your home care routine.

When Gum Disease Happens

If you do find yourself facing gum disease, our team is well equipped to help you manage your condition with deep cleanings and products to help support your home care routine. Our goal is to help you maintain your natural teeth for a lifetime, and preventative care is the first step.

When should my child first see the dentist?

We welcome children to Cornelius Dentistry, and we recommend that parents bring their children in for their first appointment around the age of 2 or 3 years old. We’ll ensure that your child feels comfortable and welcome at their first visit and every appointment thereafter.

During their first visit, we’ll spend time acclimating them to the “big chair” and the tools and instruments we use. We’ll also count and examine their teeth, which gives us an opportunity to make you aware of any developmental concerns we might see early on. As they get older and more comfortable at our office, we’ll incorporate cleanings into their visits.

For older children, we may recommend additional services such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments, which help build, strengthen, and protect teeth from decay.

If your child participates in sports, we’re happy to recommend the right protective wear for their teeth and mouth. Protective wear is important as sports injuries account for around 40% of dental emergencies. Custom mouth guards typically offer better protection than the generic guards found at the sporting goods store.

We look forward to getting to know your child over the years and meeting their dental needs.

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