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Providing a wide range of dental services for a healthy smile.
At Cornelius Dentistry, we provide a wide range of dental services, from routine cleanings and exams to oral surgery and restorative procedures. . Explore our many services below and discover how we can help you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

Welcome to Cornelius Dentistry

Our skilled dentist in Cornelius, NC, and our team would like to welcome you and your family members to Cornelius Dentistry. In our dental office, we see patients of all ages, and we enjoy welcoming individuals and families! Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Cornelius, NC
Cornelius Dentistry is comprised of a team dedicated to helping our patients achieve oral and dental wellness by delivering the highest quality care, comfort, and convenience. We think you’ll find our services and approach to be unique. We are devoted to empowering you on a journey to oral and dental wellness and overall health. When you visit our office, your oral and dental wellness and overall health are our top priority. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. More important, we take a team perspective in examining you, to ensure that all aspects of your oral and dental wellness and overall health are considered, and you are empowered to achieve overall health. We offer a full range of services, including several that are typically not offered in dental practices, including: Preventive care – Exams and cleanings, sealants, and fluoride
General dental care – Root canals, wisdom teeth removal, mouthguards, emergency dental care
Restorative care – Crowns, bridges, dentures, dental implants
Cosmetic care – Teeth whitening, veneers, Six Month Smiles and Invisalign® clear aligners
Specialty care – Pediatric Dentistry, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, and Orthodontics We believe that the mouth-body connection is crucial to overall health, and the smile is crucial to both physical and mental health. We KNOW that overall oral and dental health truly promotes a better life. Through our programs, you will be healthier, feel more confident about your image, and feel better about yourself. We look forward to meeting you and your family! It is our goal to provide the best dentistry in Cornelius to you and your loved ones, and we hope you’ll make our dental office your new dental home. Additionally, we look forward to building a relationship with you and your family and providing you with exceptional dental care that will exceed your expectations at every visit. When you are with us, you can expect high-quality services and advanced restorative care that our patients have come to know and to trust from Cornelius Dentistry for over 20 years. We’ve recently introduced new services and re-designed our office…changes that we know you’ll love!  We made these changes, of course, with you in mind. At Cornelius dentistry it is always about you—our patients mean the world to us. If you’re ready to schedule an oral health exam, or if you have any questions for our friendly dental team, get in touch today. Also, continue reading to learn more about what you can expect when you choose Cornelius Dentistry for your dental care.

About Your Family Dentist in Cornelius, NC

Dr. Jose Aunon, Dr. Logan Aunon and their team are skilled and compassionate who always strive to provide the best dentistry around for our patients. They are dedicated to continuing education and the latest advances in dentistry—studying endodontic technology, Invisalign, and other techniques to better serve our patients. Our entire team share passion for excellent patient care and community values.

General Dentistry and Restorative Care

If the time comes that you need a tooth repaired, Cornelius Dentistry can help! We provide high-quality dentistry using only the finest dental materials such as all-porcelain crowns and tooth-colored fillings. These restorations will complement your smile aesthetically while giving you all the function you enjoyed before. Our dental crowns in Cornelius can conceal tooth flaws, provide stability to a weak tooth following root canal treatment or trauma, and even help support a dental bridge.

Tooth Replacement

If you’re missing teeth, we understand how challenging and frustrating it can be for you on a daily basis. We can discuss options for tooth replacement with you that will help you reclaim your smile and your oral health. There’s no need to let a missing tooth hold you back from life when there are so many excellent options available for restoring your smile. We offer dental crowns and bridges and dental implants in Cornelius. Dr. Aunon and his team will walk you through options, provide an exam to make sure your restoring choice will help you reach your smile goals, and make sure you are comfortable going forward. At Cornelius Dentistry, we want to restore your smile, but we also pay attention to the detail. A beautiful smile that functions as it should is always our goal when it comes to tooth replacement.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Smile Goals

A beautiful smile gives you confidence, and confidence helps you achieve great things! For patients wishing to enhance their smiles, Cornelius Dentistry offers a number of different cosmetic dentistry options that will suit your needs. Whether your smile just needs a boost through professional teeth whitening or a complete overhaul, we can discuss your options with you. We can help you select the treatment that allows you to reach your smile goals while also considering your lifestyle, desires, and budget. We offer dental veneers in Cornelius and a host of other cosmetic services to give you the smile you’ve been looking for.

Contact Cornelius Dentistry

We can’t wait to meet you and your family and welcome you into ours! You’ll find many differences at Cornelius Dentistry such as exceptional patient service and personalized care that we know you’ll appreciate. To learn more about what sets us apart from the rest, call us today to schedule an appointment with our compassionate and friendly dentist. Or request an appointment with us here. We look forward to serving all your oral health needs

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Our Patient Testimonials

Would you like to know what patients just like you are saying about Cornelius Dentistry? Browse our testimonials to learn more about what patients experience at our office.

Super Staff

“Unbelievably great experience considering we’re talking about a dental visit. And I left feeling good about the work done, and felt comfortable with the plan of work to be done. Super staff, folks!”

-Tom Tragesser

Stellar Dental Care!

“From the front desk to the examination room, these ladies are STELLAR! My family and I are so happy to say that we’re their patients” -Kia Tinsley

Stress-Free Dentistry

“I had a great experience at Cornelius dentistry everyone was very calm, friendly , and positive. I will be visiting them a lot in the coming months and feel at ease with all the staff there.” -Carrie Lockcuff

First Impressions

“All I can say is WOW. This team is the best. Everything from walking in the door to a friendly inviting team, to the professionalism and knowledge of hygienist to the down to earth really good Dr. Jill and assistant Jessie.” -Annette Rowen

Great Service & Personable

“My four year old did great with everyone there for not being a fan of going to the dentist. Very friendly staff and inviting office.” -Lauren Fuller

Fantastic Experience

“I had crown work done today. I had an outstanding experience from beginning to end. The receptionist was PERSONABLE. The doctor and assistant were PROFESSIONAL, PROFICIENT and PLEASANT. They worked hard until the job was done just right. They are PERFECTIONISTS. As a physician in private practice myself, I appreciated everyone’s dedication to PHENOMENAL patient care.” – JP Riou, MD FACS

Very Professional

“This was my first visit to Cornelius Dentistry. The whole staff is pleasant and professional. Brooke did an exceptional job of cleaning my teeth, which had been neglected for a while. I’m sold!!” -Steve Kiley

Professional and Caring

“We moved to Cornelius a little over a year ago. We selected Cornelius Dentistry because we live close to it. We love them. They are not only professional but very caring. They explain everything they are going to do and also recommend things you can do to help maintain healthy gums and teeth. I am so glad we found them. Healthy teeth helps maintain a healthy heart.”
-Richard Douglass

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