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Have you been thinking of orthodontic treatment to fix your smile flaws? Have you heard about Six Month Smiles in Cornelius, NC?

If you have been considering a straighter smile, you might have been put off by the thought of wearing braces for years, especially if you’re worried about how it might impact your professional, social, and romantic life.

If so, you may have already decided that you don’t want to go through years of uncomfortable treatment, and you certainly don’t want brackets and wires on your teeth.

At Cornelius Dentistry, our dentists provide excellent teeth straightening services with consistently beautiful results through Six Month Smiles. We work hard to offer dental procedures that keep your mouth healthy and your smile gorgeous—all without interrupting your life.

Six Month Smiles can treat any number of smile alignment flaws without the disruption that wires and brackets can introduce. If invisible braces interest you, call your Cornelius Dentistry cosmetic dentist today to arrange a Six Month Smiles appointment.

Why Should You Straighten Your Teeth?

Many Cornelius patients might want orthodontic treatment because they want to improve their appearance, but that’s just one-quarter of the benefit you receive when you straighten your teeth! Indeed, an aligned smile is a wonderful gift to give yourself.

Six Month Smiles in Cornelius, NC is a popular and reliable orthodontic treatment for patients with mild to moderate smile misalignment.

Benefits of your Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment include:

  • Oral hygiene—Crooked teeth can be difficult and complicated to clean. Food particles can easily dwell in nooks and crannies, and over time, this can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, infection, and other dental abnormalities. After your Six Month Smiles treatment, your dental hygiene will be easy and effective simply because you can clean all surfaces.
  • Improves self-confidence—Maybe not everyone is affected by their crooked or overcrowded teeth, but for those who are impacted by their less-than-perfect smile—it can significantly affect their self-worth. If you know your smile is dazzling and flawless, you have nothing to worry about, and your confidence is unshakeable.
  • Eases head pain—You wouldn’t think that a misaligned bite can result in head and neck pain—but it’s true! When your bite doesn’t line up correctly, it creates stress on your jaw joint and. Straight teeth can eliminate this unnecessary dental stress.
  • Gum health—When plaque and tartar are allowed to build-up in gaps and spaces between, they can quickly become a playground for harmful bacteria. Gum disease can soon occur, and it requires a dental healthcare professional to treat your infection. Six Month Smiles prevents overcrowding and fixes gaps between teeth so that you can brush and floss easily.
  • Enamel erosion—Improperly aligned teeth can create undue stress on your teeth when biting down, which in turn can lead to enamel erosion. Enamel erosion can quickly become cavities or worse.

Six Month Smiles can do so much more than improve your appearance; it can eliminate pain, prevent future dental problems, and make your life a little easier.

Is Six Month Smiles in Cornelius, NC Really Done in Six Months?

Six Month Smiles combines modern dentistry with advanced treatment and materials, resulting in a reliable orthodontic cosmetic procedure that improves your quality of life.

The average treatment time for Six Month Smiles in Cornelius is between four to nine months, averaging out in six months. The tooth-colored brackets and wires are unobtrusive and discreet, which is a beautiful advantage to our professional patients.

Our dentists will be able to determine a more accurate treatment plan during your dental appointment.

The Six Month Smile Procedure

Six Month Smiles uses a traditional orthodontic method, but we focus on treating the teeth that others can see when you laugh. Moderate and severe bites are better treated with traditional metal braces. We use tooth-colored wires and brackets to reposition your teeth in a shorter treatment time gently.

If this seems like a procedure that fits perfectly within your needs and budget, please give your Cornelius dentist a call today to find out how to improve your oral health and appearance.

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