Routine Dental Cleanings Can Help With Long-Term Oral Health

At Cornelius Dentistry, we know that life is busy and that there are many demands in your schedule. With so many responsibilities and appointments competing for your attention, it may be tempting to skip your dental cleanings every six months if you are not having any problems with your teeth. Even if you not experiencing any pain or discomfort, however, it is essential to visit the dentist twice every year to help maintain your oral health over the long-term.

Dr. Woodruff and our team specialize in many general dentistry needs for our patients. We believe that preventative dental treatment is the best dental treatment, and we want our patients’ smiles to truly last a lifetime. Routine dental cleanings are the first step toward preserving your smile and giving yourself the best chance for stable, long-term oral health.

Why Are Regular Dental Cleanings Important?

Routine dental cleanings benefit your oral health in several ways.

First, receiving a cleaning approximately once every six months will help remove plaque and bacteria that builds up on the surface of your teeth over time. While brushing and flossing each day will help prevent cavities, professional cleanings will help remove decay at a deeper level and ensure that hard-to-reach areas, such as the very back of your molars, receive special attention.

As you have regular cleanings at our Cornelius dental office, our treatment team will also take the appropriate x-rays and imaging necessary to check for cavities or other potential problems as they develop. Often, you do not begin to feel the pain or a toothache that comes from decay until the decay is deep in the tooth, and the early stages cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Attending routine dental check-ups means we can usually spot and treat problems before they become too severe. Unfortunately, we see many dental problems that could have been avoided if the patient had visited our office regularly rather than going several years between appointments.

Regular cleanings are vital to maintaining good oral health. Contact our Cornelius, NC dental office today at (704) 896-7660 to schedule your appointment!


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