How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Save Your Teeth

February 17, 2020by Cornelius Dentistry

At Cornelius

Dentistry, our cosmetic dentist wants you to have the best oral health coupled with a winning smile.

And these days, with advances in dental technology, it’s possible to do both at the same time right here in our Cornelius, NC dental office.

When you think about cosmetic dentistry, you probably imagine dental implants or dental caps as ways to improve your smiles, and this is true. But these cosmetic procedures can actually help save your teeth, too.

Let’s look at a few ways that cosmetic dentistry promotes better oral health.

Dental Crowns Equal Stronger Teeth

When teeth are chipped or worn down, these teeth are vulnerable to breakage, infection, and cavities. A dental crown, which is shaped and colored to match your existing teeth, helps keep a damaged tooth viable.

When teeth are strong and viable, you can also incorporate healthier foods into your diet—crunchy foods like carrots and apples.

Dental Implants Benefit Oral Health

Dental implants not only enhance your smile dramatically, but they can also help save your existing teeth from wear and damage.

When teeth are missing, you tend to chew food incorrectly. In other words, you rely on your remaining teeth to do all the work. Eventually, these teeth become worn, and you run the risk of even more dental issues like cavities or breakage.

Additionally, when teeth are missing, existing teeth tend to shift toward these empty sockets, which may lead to misalignment and chewing difficulties.

Improving your smile is a fantastic decision. It makes you feel better about you, but remember that some cosmetic procedures also optimize your oral health.

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