Root Canal Therapy in Cornelius NC

Do you need a root canal in Cornelius, NC? There is no other dental procedure that has a reputation quite like a root canal. Many patients associate it with pain; however, it’s not the root canal procedure itself that causes pain, but rather your dental infection.

Did you know that root canal therapy actually relieves the pain of your infection? It’s true! You can also count on our gentle Cornelius, NC dentist to put you at ease. 

We’re here to set the record straight on this widely misunderstood treatment so there no longer has to be fear surrounding it.

When Do I Need a Root Canal in Cornelius, NC?

When an injury, trauma, fracture, or decay reaches the pulp or nerve of your tooth, it may become infected. If your tooth becomes infected, you’ll likely experience severe pain or a constant toothache. This pain can quickly become quite debilitating, and it’s important to understand that it won’t go away without treatment.

If you’re proactive about seeking treatment with your dentist in Cornelius, NC, root canal therapy may be able to preserve your tooth. An infected tooth that’s left untreated could lead to tooth loss and the infection spreading to other critical areas of the body.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

During root canal therapy, Dr. Woodruff will remove the infected tissues from within your tooth through a small access hole in the top. After the infection is completely cleaned out, we’ll seal your tooth with a temporary filling and allow it some time to heal. You may also be prescribed antibiotics to completely eliminate the infection.

Once your tooth is healed, you’ll return to Cornelius Dentistry to have your tooth rebuilt with a permanent filling or dental crown. This will add strength and longevity to your tooth once again.

Does This Procedure Hurt?

Most patients are pleasantly surprised at how smooth a root canal in Cornelius, NC can be, and they appreciate the fact that it alleviates their pain. We use quality dental anesthetics to ensure that you don’t feel anything throughout your procedure. In fact, it’s these anesthetics that will immediately eliminate the pain from your infection.

Dr. Woodruff, your dentist in Cornelius, NC, has extensive experience in treating patients with root canal therapy and she specializes in complex dental procedures, so you can rest assured that you’re working with an expert when you choose Cornelius Dentistry for your root canal procedure.

Avoiding a Root Canal in Cornelius, NC

Many root canal procedures can actually be avoided with consistent preventative care and by being proactive about getting the treatment you need. For example, if we diagnose a cavity, getting a filling done as soon as possible is much less costly and invasive than a root canal in Cornelius, NC. It will also prevent the decay from causing further damage to your tooth.

If you have a tooth in need of repair or you’re experiencing dental pain, don’t delay your treatment! Give us a call today to be seen as soon as possible.