Comprehensive Dentistry in Cornelius NC

smiling family with nice teeth | cornelius nc dentistAt Cornelius Dentistry, we’re proud to provide our patients with advanced services they may not find at other dental practices. If you're looking for advanced dentistry or full mouth restoration in Cornelius, NC, we've got you covered.

Due to her extensive training in cosmetic, implant, and reconstructive dentistry, Dr. Jillian Woodruff, your dentist in Cornelius, is able to handle complex full-mouth cases that not many other dentists would take on.

Our Cornelius Dentistry location has been providing comprehensive dentistry to patients in Cornelius for over 20 years!  You can rest assured that our team will provide you and your family with the absolute best dental care available.  We accept nothing less!

A Focus on Patient-Centered Care and Full Mouth Restoration in Cornelius, NC

Dr. Woodruff relies on a patient-centered philosophy based on the principles of preserving your natural teeth for a lifetime. With prevention as a cornerstone, she hopes to help you stop many dental issues from happening in the first place.

If your teeth should need repair, our Cornelius dental office uses a formula that combines your overall health with function and aesthetics to not only deliver a beautiful smile but one that is healthy and functions properly so you can maintain your teeth for a lifetime.

Implant Dentistry in Cornelius, NC

Here at Cornelius Dentistry, we’re proud to offer comprehensive implant procedures, which means that we’ll be guiding you through the entire process from start to finish, including the surgical portion of your treatment.

Dental implants in Cornelius, NC are the best tooth-replacement option for a missing tooth because they restore both the root and crown of your tooth, which protects the integrity of your oral health. They can also be used to support dental prosthetics such as a bridge or full denture, which allows patients with multiple missing teeth to enjoy the benefits of dental implants.

Reconstructive Dentistry

There are many reasons a patients’ teeth may break down, including:

  • An accident, injury, or trauma to your mouth, teeth, or face
  • Severe decay
  • Old restorations such as crowns or fillings that have brokenolder couple hugging & smiling | cornelius nc dentist
  • Poor oral hygiene

Reconstructive dentistry of full mouth reconstruction in Cornelius, NC focuses on tailoring a treatment plan to individual patients’ needs designed to repair your teeth and restore your bite for proper function and health. This could include combining treatments such as:

  • Dental crowns
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Orthodontics

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If you’ve been living with compromised teeth and oral health, it’s time you contacted Cornelius Dentistry to learn more about the possibilities for your smile! We will support you every step of the way as you journey toward your new smile. Your Cornelius, NC dentist will also answer any questions you have along the way.