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Now Offering: Six-Month Smiles!

March 8, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Jillian Woodruff
Six Month Smiles | Clear Tooth Colored Braces

We are excited to offer Six Month Smiles to our patients here at Cornelius Dentistry!  It's a perfect option for adult patients who had braces as a child and have had relapse or even if you've never had braces and always wanted straight teeth. 

Clear Braces are Great for Adults

Many adults don't want braces because they don't want to walk around with metal on the fronts of their teeth.  Six Month Smiles is a great option for adults because the brackets, rubber bands and wires are all tooth-colored so they aren't as noticeable.  Why is it called Six Month Smiles?  The average case takes, on average, six months!  You will get a retainer at the end of treatment so your teeth don't go back to where they started.

Dr. Woodruff has completed many cases using Six Month Smiles, and she loves seeing the transformation from before to after treatment.  Many patients went from hiding their teeth when they laugh and feeling self-conscious when they smile to gaining confidence in their teeth and wanting to smile non-stop. Our dentist believes there is always something to be happy about, and she loves giving patients just another reason to show off their beautiful smiles!

Call & Schedule a Consultation

So what's the catch?  There is none!  Most adults are candidates for Six Month Smiles so come visit us at Cornelius Dentistry and talk to us about how you can get started!

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