Emergency Services in Cornelius NC

woman with dental emergency | cornelius nc dentist Dental emergencies are stressful, unless you have a team like Cornelius Dentistry on your side.

We understand that emergency situations may be frightening and inconvenient, and we’ll make every effort to see you the same day, if possible. Whether you’re a new patient or a long-standing patient of record, we encourage all patients to call us if they’re experiencing dental pain or an emergency situation.

Handling Dental Emergencies

Sometimes it’s hard to know if your condition requires immediate attention, so here are some common emergency dental situations and how you can properly handle them:

  • Dental Pain: If you’re experiencing a toothache that is constant, this could indicate a dental infection. It’s important to be seen right away for this condition because an infection will not go away without treatment. Root canal therapy can often help preserve an infected tooth.
  • A Lost or Broken Restoration: While this may not require immediate attention, you’ll need to replace or restore your restoration to avoid any further damage to your tooth. Contact our office to determine when you should be seen.
  • A Chipped or Broken Tooth: If your tooth is broken, it will require immediate attention so Dr. Woodruff can repair it. Bring as many pieces as you can with you and contact our office right away. If your tooth sustains a small chip, you might not need to be seen the same day, but you should still contact us. Even a small chip should be smoothed so it doesn’t irritate your tongue and soft tissues or potentially offer an opening for bacteria into the soft inside of your tooth.
  • A Knocked-Out Tooth: In this situation, time is of the essence. We have the best chance of saving your tooth if we can treat it as soon as possible. Give our office a call and be sure to transport your tooth carefully. Put your tooth back into its socket if possible. If not, transport it in milk to help to keep the cells moist and alive.

Tooth Extractions

If you need a tooth removed due to an emergency, periodontal disease, problematic third molar (wisdom tooth), or other situation, we can handle most extractions here at Cornelius Dentistry. Dental anesthetics will ensure that you don’t feel anything during your procedure, and most patients are pleasantly surprised that an extraction typically goes quickly and smoothly.father and son smiling with good teeth | cornelius nc dentist

A Team You Can Trust

The next time you or a loved one experiences pain or a dental emergency, give Cornelius Dentistry a call – we’re here to help! We’re happy to see you the same day, or we can provide guidance over the phone if you don’t need treatment immediately.